The Stones

Many stones are associated with healing. These elements of the earth can help to ground us. We need to maintain a closeness with the earth to keep our well-being.

Amethyst—Probably regarded as the most important healing stone. It is felt to promote wellness, healing and purification. It helps in promoting sleep and absorbs negativity. It is associated with the 6th and 7th chakras.

Lapis Lazuli—The stone associated with meditation and wisdom. It helps calm the mind and relieve headache. It is associated with the 5th and 6th chakras.

Turquoise—The stone symbolizes the sea and sky. It can help heal both the mind and the body. It strengthens the meridians of the body and helps the flow of energy in the body. It is associated with the 5th chakra.


Rose Quartz--This stone is the heart stone.  It opens up your heart, healing it and promoting compassion.  It can help to heal old wounds and allow for forgiveness.  It is truly heart colored and associated with the 4th chakra.


Amber--This stone is the embodiment of the solar plexus.  It helps you with confidence, empowerment, and developing your sense of freedom.  It is associated with the 3rd chakra.


Carnelian--This is also a protective a stone. It can increase your energy, creativity, and sexual awareness.  It is associated with the 2nd chakra.


Bloodstone--The stone is protective and motivating.  It can help in clearing you of negative energy.  It will also give you emotional strength.  It is associated with the 1st or root chakra.