I first became interested in the Native American Flute while visiting the Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. I heard the haunting sounds of a flute echoing off of the canyon walls. After meeting the artist, a Navajo Indian, I bought one of his flutes. While planning a trip to the Grand Gulch Primitive Area, and aware of its rich history of Ancestral Pueblan artifacts, I decided to use my woodworking skills to make a native American style flute to play on the trip. I played the flute in the canyons and ancient kivas of Grand Gulch.

As a doctor or medicine, I life has always been focused on healing. While I studied the physical side of patients with illness, I discovered that the spiritual side was neglected. I have refocused my approach to patients to concentrate on the healing aspects of music. The native American flute provides a channel to opening up the body and mind to peace and the healing process. Please enjoy my one-of-a-kind hand-crafted Native American Style Flutes.